CSI Sertapak Inc



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Over 25 years strong, CSI Sertapak Inc. now a part of Chalmers Group of Companies is a privately owned designer and manufacturer of custom packaging systems situated in Woodstock, Ontario Canada.

Specializing in industries including automotive, textile, plastics/resin, food processing as well as other manufacturing applications, Sertapak offers the design, prototyping, and testing expertise required to determine the most efficient method of handling your product.

Our Design team utilizes the latest in technology to streamline the development stage of the packaging process. Their expertise enables us to present packaging designs for your product using the most efficient materials, providing superior part protection, all in the most cost effective manner.

Complimenting our custom designed solutions is a dedicated team of Sales and Customer Support Staff, willing and able to work with you from the design stage through quoting to implementation.

Our Service department also provides repair and refurbishment for your containers, which extends the ongoing use at an economical cost for our customers.