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JVC Electric Inc. is a part of Chalmers Group of Companies since 2007, a Canadian, privately owned manufacturer of commercial and industrial dry type transformers. The Company was founded in 1996 and has grown steadily. JVC has been a leader in innovative transformer design such as insulating materials to increase transformer life, magnetic cores to reduce sound levels. JVC has earned its reputation for making quality built transformers that deliver exceptional performance and savings. JVC Electric Inc has the engineering capability to design, manufacture and test all standard and specialty dry type transformers. All JVC Transformers are CSA certified.

JVC Electric Inc. market their products throughout Canada, USA and overseas. JVC Transformers are well known for excellent performance, maximum efficiency and lowest energy losses.

JVC electric Inc. Extensive product offerings:

  • Control Transformers (0.25KVA to 150KVA)
  • Power Transformers (1KVA to 1000KVA)
  • All special voltage Transformers
  • General purpose transformers
  • Drive Isolation Transformer
  • K-Factor rated Transformer
  • Electrostatic shielded Transformers
  • Harmonic mitigation transformers (0 degree phase displacement and 30 degrees phase displacement)

Characteristics of JVC Transformers:

  • 100% Copper windings
  • 30 degree or 0 degree phase displacement between primary and secondary windings.

The company operates three main business segments:

  • Elevator industries
  • U.P.S
  • CNC Machine Industries

…Our Transformers are of the highest Quality and Reliability…